Postage Costs

Postage Fees

We do have to charge a small fee for postage, but we do not make any profit out of this and in most cases we have to pay more than we charge, We keep our fabric prices as low as we can and do not hide postage in our prices.

We have based our prices on amount spent as near impossible to do on weight. 

If you spend up to £14.99 it will be £2.49

If you spend over £50 the max you will pay is £4.99

£0.01 – £14.99=£2.49

£15.00 – £19.99=£2.99

£20.00 – £29.99=£3.69

£30.00 – £39.99=£3.99

£40.00 – £49.99=£4.49

£50.00 and up=£4.99

 Thank You

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