Field of Memories Ann's Love Red Poppies 100% Organic Cotton

Field of Memories Ann's LoveRed Poppies
100% Organic Cotton
Approx 110cm Wide 

Printed cotton fabric. Ideal for crafts, displays, table decoration and as a dress fabric.

Inspired by the wide variety of poppies grown across Britain – ‘Field of Memories’ is an eclectic and colorful celebration of this iconic flower. Hand drawn by Paula Milner – The Crafty Lass.

Price is for 50cm Length 
Fabric is cut from the roll and multiple purchases of the same color will be left in a continuous length

  • Field of Memories Ann's Love Cotton by The Crafty Lass Colorful Poppy Design
  • 100% Organic Cotton Print
  • Hand wash- hang to dry
  • Red Poppies
  • Blue Ivory Green Red on a Blue Background

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